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STRATEGY, Innovation & Concept Development

Our Strategy, Innovation and Concept Development services include:

1. Strategic Concept and Revenue Source Development:

Random ideation is wasteful. We will help you build highly strategic and profitable revenue sources and concepts that are “on-brand” and game-changing in ways both big and small. We are the best in the business at this stuff. Let us show you.

2. Best Practice Revenue & Concept Development:

Our A, B, C model of concept writing is used by Fortune 50 companies and virtually guarantees you will maximize the consumer appeal of your concept.

  • “A” Does the concept drive ATTENTION with your audience with a gorgeous and simple design?
  • “B” is it something that is inherently logical to come from your BRAND and company?
  • “C” does it quickly COMMUNICATE the CORE benefit of the product or service.

3. Prototyping & Bench Sample Creation

  • Core Product Offering Renovation
  • Emerging White Space Ideation & Financial Modeling
  • Brand Adjacency Development & Evaluation

4. Creation of Non-Traditional Funnels

We will create with your team a robust collection of strategic funnels that create both ambitious long-term big ideas and quick tactical ideas to help you grab market share. Funnels you will get include the following:

  • Customer Specific Innovation Funnel
  • Consumer Funnel
  • Packaging Funnel
  • Ingredient & Components Funnel
  • Merchandising and Retailer Funnel

5. Innovation Incubator

We will help establish an entrepreneurial approach to nurturing and investing in emerging adjacencies at your company and set up an incubator route-to-market approach with outside partners that will dramatically increase speed to market and lower costs of innovation and experimentation.

6. “Barrier and Benefits” Study to Drive Core Innovation:

In order to drive innovation on your current products, we will help you to understand the following:

  • What are the biggest benefits of buying your product or service? Can you give consumers more of it?
  • What are the biggest barriers to trial or repeat? Can you remove them with innovation?

7. Innovation Funnel Evaluation and Dashboard Metrics:

We will help you set up an Innovation Dashboard to monitor and evaluate your current ideas and outline where you have gaps.

  • Funnel Review: What is the state of your Funnel now?
  • Do you have big ideas? And some small ones too?
  • Channel Innovation (Do you partner with leading channel customers to develop projects?)
  • Financial Metrics
  • Stage Gate Best Practice Set Up

Contact us for further details about our innovation ideation and concept development services. We proudly serve the growth needs of clients throughout the world and have helped clients in the USA, Japan, and Europe.