"Best Practice" Written on a Chalkboard

Innovation Best Practice

Our Innovation Best Practice Section services include:

1. Best Practice Innovation Charter Writing and Funnel Management

We like to say “It’s a Funnel not a Tunnel,” so not everything should get through. There is an art to this! We help you simplify your ideas to their core and provide challenges to help you filter out the less relevant ones.

2. Best Practice Stage Gate Process Requirements by Stage and by Function

We provide a best practice set of competencies for each function in the company at each stage in the gate process to ensure a team approach and maximum success.

3. Innovation Dashboard Creation and Management

Our Innovation process and dashboard will help you maximize the following:

  • Flow-Through Rate: Do you know what your innovation flow-through rate is now? How about 3 year ROI? You Should!
  • Size of Concept (The difference between a $1 million idea and a $100 million idea is subtle and requires expert partners like us!)
  • Funnel Valuation and Discounting Best Practices: We help you determine the value of your funnel and the likelihood and financial value of each product reaching the market.

Contact us to see how we use innovation best practices to promote your brand and boost your profits. We proudly serve the growth needs of clients throughout the world and have helped clients in the USA, Japan, and Europe.