Are you struggling to drive truly incremental revenue with your product offerings and communication? Do you know how to realize, and profit from, your company's true potential?

We help you create new sources of revenue from new customers, new channels, and optimal brand positioning with help from our leading concept development and innovation company Buckhead Brand Group.

We use the latest cutting edge revenue mapping,  innovation, branding, and market research techniques to drive significant revenue.  Contact our team to start developing new revenue streams and unlock your brand and company potential.

Our Fortune 500 experienced team works closely with growth-oriented companies to create revenue and grow distinctive, competitive brands. From initial concepts and prototypes to partnerships, M&A, licensing and positioning, we handle every aspect of the growth plan. Our strategy work, revenue mapping, branding, and brand identity process, make it easy for you to focus on what matters: your growth.

Together, you and our team of experienced leaders will create a growth plan by evolving your brand and create new incremental and profitable concepts that will thrive in the marketplace.

Why Choose Buckhead Brand Group?

We are really good at identifying and building new revenue sources for you.  We start with strategy based on insights, and build financial viable growth paths including new channels, innovation, brand position, and even strategic acquisition planning.

Let our team help take your current products, brands and innovation projects and expand their sphere of influence by optimizing the positioning and business model behind your projects.

New ideas, products, and ventures and a strong company and brand identity will set you up for growth. A professionally developed strategy and innovation portfolio from our branding specialists will allow you to achieve greater growth and profitability .

How We Approach Brand Building and New Revenue Model Creation

As a business development and concept development company with more than 25 years of experience, we understand the intricate processes that accompany effective growth plan creation. You and your team can rely on us to deliver a one-of-a-kind, financially viable, strategic growth plans you can actually launch into the marketplace.

Talk to our team about your hopes and strategies. We strive to incorporate your business or product’s core features as we build your personalized growth plan, making it uniquely yours. Our results-driven approach to brand building allows our team to personalize your services at every step. The six core competencies of Buckhead Brands are as follows:

  • Strategy, Innovation, & Concept Development
  • Innovation Best Practice
  • Brand Identity, Architecture, & Design
  • Brand Partnering & Licensing
  • Brand Communication & Positioning
  • Market Research & Financial Modeling

Contact our marketing and innovation growth company to start working on your company's growth path, innovation, and brand identity. We serve the growth needs of clients throughout the world and have helped clients in the USA, Japan, and Europe.

BBG Growth & Innovation Development Process

Here is an example of how we find and build "Growth projects" for our clients. Contact us to build new revenue plans for you!

Our Process