Vanity Mirror with "Who Are You?" Written on it

Brand Identity, Architecture & Design

Our Brand Identity, Architecture & Design services include:

Brand Identity

  • What are all the aspects of your brand?
  • Are they unified?
  • Do they stand for something unique?
  • Is that “something” differentiating vs the competition? Do you know what the competition stands for?
  • Functional points of difference? What are yours?
  • Product points of difference?
  • Service points of difference?
  • Killer “Apps.” Do you have them?

Brand “Key” Construction

This key will tell the story of where you play, who you are, why you're different, and why consumers should believe you.

Basically, we help you optimize your brand building from the ground up, with your "Brand Essence" at the core. Hire us and we will write this brand key book together.

Brand Deconstruction Analysis

What are the individual components of your brand? Can you leverage them independently?

Brand Design

Our designers are award winning and will help you tell your brand and company story in a simple, strategic, and beautiful way.

Our focus is on the following design tenets:

  • Designing with Strategic Purpose
  • Designing with Brand Identity
  • Less is More. You Must Stand Out (Be the Black Sheep)

Contact us to get started with the brand design and construction process. We proudly serve the growth needs of clients throughout the world and have helped clients in the USA, Japan, and Europe.